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Why Do You Need Spine School?

Has Anyone Ever Said...

Though Well Meaning, Most Fitness And Healthcare Providers Don't Understand How The Spine Works

  • "Suck in to strengthen your core"

  • "Never bend or twist your spine"

  • "You just need stronger ab muscles"

  • "Lifting Heavy Weights Is Dangerous"

  • "You're getting older, you shouldn't move like that anymore"

This is your solution

None of these things have to be problems...

Welcome to Spine School

Learn the exact approach I've used for years with HUNDREDS of real-life patients.

From weekend warriors, to professional athletes, to people just starting to become active, these are the methods I've used with all of them.

Spine School

Real World Strategies. Real World Solutions.

Breathing & Stability

Part One: The New "Core Stability"

The foundation of spinal health is the ability to properly stabilize it. If you don’t have this, it doesn’t matter how well you can segment, or how strong you try and get, you’re building your house on a shaky foundation.

In Part One, you’ll learn how to build TRUE core stability in every position. I’ll also explain why the idea of “belly breathing” is a lot more complicated than it seems, and you'll learn how our breathing strategy impacts everything you do.

Spine Segmentation

Part Two: What The Spine Is

There is a lot to be said out there in the fitness and rehabilitation world about always keeping and maintaining a “neutral” spine. While this is a nice idea in theory, your spine is constantly moving in day to day life.

In Part Two, you’ll learn why it’s important to be able to control EVERY part of your spine in a variety of positions, and the consequences of not being able to do so. You’ll also discover why most of the common practices around keeping your spine safe are at best case incomplete, and at worst case dangerous.

Static Spine

Part Three: What The Spine Is NOT

Many people may have the ability to stabilize their spine well (Part One), and may also have the ability to segment their spine well (Part Two). But that doesn’t mean they have the ability to keep their spine from doing another body part’s “job”.

In Part Three you’ll learn about the ‘neutral range’, and how to become acutely aware of spine compensation with hip, shoulder and arm movements.

I’ll teach you how to make sure your spine isn’t working over time for other parts of the body. Learn EXACTLY how to keep your back from doing double duty for your hips or shoulders.

Adding Resistance

Part Four: Bulletproof Spine

Chances are, your spine is unlikely to fail you if it can create pressure, can properly segment, and isn’t compensating for the shoulders, hips or shoulder blades

But for some people, it ALSO needs the ability to handle external load. In Part Four, you’ll learn how to safely build strength and capacity to your spine.

Most people try to build strength without the right foundations, and that sets them up for failure.

You’ll also learn how to apply the principles of the Spine School to your favorite gym exercises and fitness classes. Whether you want to level up your game in your fitness class, in the gym, on the field, or in day-to-day life, you’ll learn to build a spine you don’t have to keep worrying about.

**BONUS** The Yoga Toolkit

Want to apply these principles to your yoga practice? I've got you covered.

  • Breath Control

    Discover why some of the breathing strategies in modern yoga practices are not the best way to stabilize your spine

  • Back Bends

    Experience back bends in a new way after learning how to properly decompress and segment your spine

  • Hip Openers

    Learn how some asanas in popular yoga classes ask your hips to do the impossible. And why your spine usually suffers for it

Meet Dr. Moses Bernard

Who Am I? Meet Your Instructor

After studying the human body for over 20 years, my single purpose has been to teach people to move better.

I competed in a wide variety of sports over the years, and competed internationally in track and field while I was in university in Canada.

I've made a variety of TV, print, and radio appearances, and have lectured internationally on optimizing human movement.

I've worked directly for the NFL, traveled with an MLB team, and have worked with 100s of professional athletes and even a few world record holders.

Currently, I run my movement performance chiropractic office out of a yoga and wellness studio in Tampa, Florida, where I am also on the teaching staff for their 200 and 300 hour YTT programs.

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While it’s impossible for me (or ANY health care provider) to guarantee that you’ll become pain-free, I can promise that you will learn how to move better and function better.

You will have 30 days to try Spine School, completely risk-free. If for any reason it’s not the right fit for you, there is a “No questions asked” 100% money back guarantee.

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